Thursday, April 16, 2009

Djokovic with Nipple Tassels on HEAD Commercial

Commentators and fans alike have been asking where the demonstrative side of Novak Djokovic has gone to? Some believe that he has gotten less playful on the court after he climbed to the #3 ranking in the world. He has also appeared tighter after he failed to defend his Indian Wells and Australian Open titled.

Even though, he now will soon lose his #3 spot to Andy Murray there are signs that his old playful self is making a comeback.

Djokovic gives an over-the-top performance in his latest commercial for the racquet manufacturer, HEAD. Highlights include a red puddle, a boy band stint, a tantalizing scent with a grandmother and, as always, he takes off his shirt. Only this time, when he bares his chest, he reveals a pair of nipple tassels.

Click here and enjoy the show!

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  1. I'm so exited to see the match, its will be cool